Specialty Furniture & Instrument Benches

Instrument Table

Our standard instrument table dimensions are 62″ W x 34″ D x 34″ H, and the pump noise suppression compartment system contains 5 x 100 CFM fans to exhaust heat from your lab when connected to your lab’s existing exhaust system.

Custom Bench & Instrument Furniture

Each custom bench is built to fit individual instrument and lab specifications. Benches come with either an epoxy resin or chemical resistant laminate tops, and have noise-reducing compartments for all manufacturer’s vacuum pumps.  The noise suppression cabinets reduce the noise of the vacuum pumps by 75%.  The cooling fans are rated at 100 CFM. Benches feature an exhaust system with a 4″ diameter connection for connecting to your existing lab exhaust system. The power distribution strip is for 120V 10A/15A circuits; however 6 x 120V/10A and 2 x 120V/15A are optional.

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About Us

EZ Idea Solution, LLC, based in Clallam Bay, Washington, is a manufacturer of custom specialty furniture for scientific instrument labs, offering custom instrument benches and more. All benches are conveniently mobile and are perfect for businesses like pharmaceutical and petroleum companies.

Quality Craftsmanship

We work directly with our customers to give them what they want, rather than what others think they want. All of our products will fit your space, needs and instruments, ensuring first-rate customer satisfaction. Our goal is to insure our customers are satisfied with our products, as we stand behind our work and produce nothing but superior quality items.